Jonas Parandian is one of Sweden’s finest manual therapists, an expert in Naprapathy. He runs the well-known Naprapatiska and has been professionally active since 2008.

He has a bunch of certificates under the World’s leading conditioning and movement gurus, i.e Paul Check, Charles Poliquin and Ido Portal. If there is anything this guy does (besides fixing broken bodies) it’s expanding his knowledge with the absolute best!

Besides his unreal talent when it comes to fixing bodies with his hands, he is also an expert in nutrition and is well versed in dry needling, breathing techniques etc. He has worked with/on many elite athletes and has extensive experience with sports injuries and rehab. 
Jonas also has, according to us, one of Sweden’s best Instagram accounts (@naprapatjonas). For those interested, it’s an inexhaustible source of knowledge and inspiration, on stretching, rehab and body mechanics!