Hate dragging around a wet Gi and/or training clothes? Don't worry. For 100 SEK we will wash your Gi or training clothes for you. They will be ready for you at the front desk within 24 hours.


Do you crave coffee before training?

We usually do. Therefore we will serve Sweden’s tastiest coffee at SPR Athlete Factory. Roasted and delivered by Kersh Coffee Roastery.

Aadel Kersh is a local supplier whose coffee is roasted out in Gustavsberg, just outside Stockholm. He also went to school in the SAME building as the gym and grew up around the corner from it!

Their philosophy is to roast coffee beans from places where the coffee berries are grown and processed under nice conditions for both the people working there and for the environment. We like that!

The coffee we will serve is 100% Brazilian (valeu!) and is from a farm called Daterra which is one of the most developed coffee farms. They grow beans in harmony with Nature and the bird life around and it tastes just heavenly.

Acai Bowl

You probably already know what an açaí bowl is and love them as much as we do. If you don’t have a clue, its about time you try one! That, you will be able to do at SPR Athlete Factory after you have completed a hard workout and need to fill up your body with energy and a healthy snack.

An açaí bowl is made of the açaí berry, which is a super fruit from the Amazonas. It provides energy and is filling too, but your body still feels light! Basically, you mix frozen açaí berries with other fruits and top it off with granola and fresh fruits. This gives a creamy texture and it’s also completely vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free!

Macacos Acai